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Queen Street Health Collective

“A hidden gem in City Park!”

We are a collective of independent complementary care practitioners and teachers whose mission is to support whole person health. We welcome you to this beautiful 1912 heritage building in the centre of the city at 716 Queen St.


Our knowledge and experience serves communities of people who seek to learn and grow in mind and body.


The facility will attract practitioners, teachers and students who seek to live life fully, with the wholeness and ease of well-being. Leaders with a high level of professionalism, formal accreditation, and vision within their respective fields will be drawn to use the facilities for their teaching, practice, and gatherings.


Practitioners, teachers and participants will reflect these values:

  • We are here to be of service to others
  • We do not cause harm to others
  • We demonstrate compassion and kindness
  • We are curious and seek to continuously learn and understand
  • We are patient and generous with our time and our knowledge
  • We are grateful

Classes and Teachers

Our current class schedule offers clients a variety of yoga philosophies/classes to suit and support any needs, featuring Yin Yoga, Yoga for Embodiment, Yoga for 50+, Active Aging, Gentle Yoga, Restorative Yoga, and Relaxation Yoga. To experience peace and relaxation, the practice of Yoga Nidra (yoga sleep) is not an asana (posture) class but it is more like a guided meditation for deep rest and personal transformation or personal development. The yoga classes are all a lovely complement to the Breathwork sessions that also provide a calm pause in the middle of a busy lifestyle, to create a feeling of self-care and nurturance, as well as offering a natural remedy for stress and anxiety and a pathway toward a deeper connection to self and purpose. The moments of peace and serenity that come from this practice must be experienced to be believed. 

Well-qualified teachers with training from national and international perspectives have achieved a very high level of certification with many years of experience. The facility offers the benefit of small class sizes for more direct attention, and community. All necessary equipment is provided for comfort, ease and skillfulness.


Our practitioners have a high level of professionalism and formal accreditation within their respective fields of counselling, yoga, and energy work. They serve a wide variety of clients and contribute collectively to the concept of whole-person health. Working in a collective environment, clients are served with experience, perspective, and deep compassion.

Healing space
Main Floor Waiting Room


Queen St Health Collective is a collaborative healing centre where healers can build their businesses in a beautiful, centrally-located historic building. This offers an ideal, affordable solution for those practicing massage, acupuncture, osteopathy, counselling, naturopathy, energy healing, and a host of other healing modalities.

This is more than just a place to offer complementary healing practices. This is a place to collaborate and share ideas. We offer many amenities included with a room lease.

Labyinth Walk – Jan.1, 2024

We invite you to join Pam Fichtner for a beautiful meditative labyrinth walk in our studio on January 1st from 1:00 - 3:00 pm. Set your intentions for the year as you walk in silence through the labyrinth. Our studio is the perfect setting for quiet...

Supporting Whole Person Health

When something calls out to be created, it often blocks any other options. That is the case with the Queen St Health Collective. In 2004, I bought the beautiful Craftsman-style building that houses the Collective, as a headquarters for my communications company. The...

Welcome to the new Queen Street Health Collective!

Welcome to the new Queen Street Health Collective!

We are a collective of independent complementary care practitioners whose mission is to support whole person health. We are currently accepting applications for space rental in our beautiful 1912 heritage building in the centre of the city at 716 Queen St. Please...