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Supporting Whole Person Health

Jan 17, 2023

When something calls out to be created, it often blocks any other options. That is the case with the Queen St Health Collective.

In 2004, I bought the beautiful Craftsman-style building that houses the Collective, as a headquarters for my communications company. The charm, quality, potential, and ‘good bones’ of this space immediately spoke to me and I knew that we had a future together. Many years later, upon my retirement, I became engaged in other interests and felt that the building no longer fit with what I thought was my future direction. I put the building up for sale, but apparently it wasn’t done with me, when I thought I was done with it! Anyone who viewed it, loved the building and thought it was beautiful, but they just couldn’t make it work for their needs.

As my previous distractions fell by the wayside, the building waited patiently for me to respond to its invitation from 2004 that, “This is a place for healing and wellness”. At that particular time, this sentence just dropped into my head. It struck me as a distinctly odd idea, when I had just purchased it for my communications company, but as time evolved it has come to pass.

Restoration of the main floor and extensive sympathetic renovations to the second floor happened immediately in 2004, to properly insulate the walls and open up the space. A thorough renovation of the lower level in 2011 under the watchful eye of a structural engineer, resulted in what the meditation and yoga teachers call a, “sacred space”. It’s the details and thoughtful touches that make any space. Where there had previously been dampness, cold, and a rather soulless space, it has been opened up with supporting beams in the ceiling; in-floor heating underneath the lovely labyrinth that has been carved into the floor; Craftsman-style sensibilities that reflect the style of the upper floors; an electric fireplace to add ambiance; and countless other touches.

This building played an important role supporting the creation of the Prairie Hospice Society, which relocated to the Community Service Village after many years of nurturing in this building. 

During this time, I (Deborah) also felt called to study energy healing at a very intensive and life-altering four-year science-based course at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing in Florida. BarbaraBrennan.com  Dr. Brennan had been a NASA physicist gifted with High Sense Perception, and who became immersed in the human energy field and quantum physics. In the 1980s she wrote the first definitive book about energy healing called, “Hands of Light” and at this time, also established an international school to teach her methods. The practices learned there were fundamental in realizing countless changes in my own life, and provided me with a solid foundation to be able to assist others with healing the relationship with their souls, which is mostly what healing is about.

The building knew what is wanted and was determined to have its way. This space has, indeed,  evolved into a nurturing, sacred space to promote healing and wellness. 2023 promises to be a wonderful time of growth, healing, wellness, collaboration, and community as others hear the call and find their way home.