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Deanna Fahlman, B.Ed, MA, Breathwork Practitioner


Deanna’s first career in ESL took her around the world on a decades-long teaching and traveling adventure, gaining her B.Ed, French Cert., MA, and a Teacher of the Year award along the way. Her second act as a wellness entrepreneur allows her to support others in creating more alignment, joy, growth, full-self expression, and health + wealth in all ways through breathwork, meditation, art, and movement. 

Deanna discovered the power of the breath through the birth of her sons in 2011 + 2015, and after retiring from classroom teaching, found it again through wellness courses and workshops. During the early days of the pandemic, breathwork became a way of life, and she began officially training through The Shift Network. Deanna then entered the accredited school of Alchemy of Breath and in May 2021, earned her 400-hour Breathwork Facilitator Certification for leading online sessions, qualified for leading in-person sessions via Breathcamp in Italy, Sept. 2021, and completed her 800-hour Breathwork Practitioner Certification in Dec. 2022. She recommits to her own wellness and healing with daily breath practice and in community twice weekly through her school’s full-form breathwork sessions: Breathe the World and A Collective Prayer for a New Earth. 

Deanna lives in Caswell with her husband and two sons and loves to explore all the gems within the neighbourhood, city, and across the globe.

One breathwork session with Deanna eliminated my pinched nerve in my tail bone with the message of moving forward that came through.

Stefanie T.