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Brett Donlevy classes

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is a guided experience that encourages deep rest for the body, mind and emotions. The practice is done laying down or sitting comfortably in a chair. All you need to do is listen; no physical exertion or yoga experience is required. This practice works on the deeper layers of ourselves like the emotional and energetic bodies as well as the subconscious mind. This effortless practice uses a heart-felt intention, relaxation techniques as well as observation and awareness to promote clarity and respite from the tensions of everyday life. Yoga Nidra can help to improve sleep, creativity, problem solving, connection to one’s self and can also lead to greater freedom in our reactions and habitual patterns.

Intermediate Class

Intermediate: Supported Alignment Beyond Basics yoga class is place to explore depth in yoga asana (postures). Familiarity with a wide range of yoga poses is required as we go beyond the foundational aspects into greater detail and work with props in a more sophisticated way. Students are asked to challenge themselves while listening to their body’s messages. This class explores back bending postures and safe inversions (or appropriate alternatives) in an intelligent, curious and practical manor.

Active Aging

Active Aging yoga class is geared towards mature adults who wish to keep practising or start practising yoga. We work on building strength and stamina in postures, stretching tight areas of the body, and develop balance and concentration all while safely exploring range of motion in the joints. Students are asked to challenge themselves appropriately while listening to their body’s messages. We use props (bolsters, blocks, straps, chairs, the wall, etc.) to gain access to the work and understand the essence of the poses. Modifications are provided to accommodate different body situations (injuries, surgeries, chronic conditions etc.) to ensure that the class is accessible for everyone. Being able to get up and down from the floor is an asset in this class as we begins and end there, but adaptations can be made.

Restorative Class

Restorative Yoga is a practice about finding ease in postures and cultivating a calm internal environment. Props are used to facilitate physical comfort so that we can experience stillness in the poses to find deep rest. This practice is great for building nervous system resilience and learning how to downshift our internal state to help mitigate the effects of stress. Dress warmly and comfortably for this class and feel free to bring a blanket for an extra cozy experience.

Register for Classes with Brett

Phone/text: (306) 261-7380

Email: brettdonlevy85@gmail.com

Website: brettdonlevy.com

Deanna Fahlman classes

Breathwork Series

Stay tuned for Deanna’s 2024 spring sessions!

Intro to Breathwork

Functional breathwork focuses on intentional and controlled breathing patterns to enhance various aspects of health, such as reducing stress, improving mental clarity, and promoting relaxation. This practice uses the power of the breath in a practical way to enhance overall well-being.

Experiential breathwork, on the other hand, facilitates a deeper and often transformative experience. We use the conscious connected breath to explore and experience altered states of consciousness, process emotions and memories, and access deeper levels of creativity and awareness. This practice also results in deep healing and integration.

5 Reasons Why You Should Practice Breathwork:

  1. Experience immediate effects — no need to spend weeks or months wondering if “it’s working”. Feel the benefits within minutes.
  2. Boost your energy levels — this happens naturally through the breath. Skip the coffee!
  3. Calm your nervous system, quickly — within a few breaths, you’ll notice a shift toward calmness.
  4. Stay engaged — no chance of getting bored as each breathwork session offers a unique experience and takes you on a different journey.
  5. Improve your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health — breathwork benefits are off the charts, positively improving your entire well-being.

New to breathwork?

A full breathwork session is a rejuvenating 60 minutes of breath, connection, meditation, and community. We’ll breathe for about 30 minutes using the conscious connected breath (CCB) from our comfy nest of blankets and pillows, listening to soothing music and guidance cues. The session finishes with a grounding exercise and an optional space to share your experience or journal to further process.

How to participate

We’re excited to offer two ways to experience breathwork!

  1. Live in-studio
  2. Live online from the comfort of your home via Zoom.

Important Notes

  • Props are available or bring your own yoga mat, blanket, pillow/bolster.
  • Once the breathwork series starts, text/call Deanna at (306) 716-9997 for drop-in availability. To save your drop-in spot(s), pre-book them online. You can also bring cash to class – $44/drop-in.
  • If you suffer from any acute health conditions, are pregnant, had a recent surgery, or are on medication, check with your medical practitioner prior to breathing with us.

Sarah Junkin Classes

Yin Yoga Series Information:

The Yin Yoga class series will be offered with the intent to provide balance to our energetic and nervous systems and to bolster our spirits as we gather to unwind and are guided towards a night’s rest and repose. Yin yoga is a meditative practice with an emphasis on staying in forms/shapes in relative stillness, with breath, for some time (usually 2-5+ minutes). 

Yoga for Embodiment Series Information:

The Yoga for Embodiment class series will focus on balancing movement and stillness to support finding the individual rhythms of flow. Students are invited to find play, freedom, and a felt experience of the body, mind and breath. Individual attention and cueing is offered to encourage a deeper understanding of the poses and concepts taught. 

Additional Information

* All levels are welcome.

* Class size can accommodate up to 12 students.

* Equipment is provided for comfort, ease and skillfulness. Students are welcome to bring personal props if they wish.

* The beautiful and serene environment has radiant heat flooring.

* Masks will be optional to wear during class.

* Please refrain from coming to class if feeling unwell to best protect and keep our groups healthy.

* Street parking is available and free of charge. Remember that the off-street spots next to the building are reserved for healthcare workers and we are asked to not park in that area.

Register for Classes with Sarah

Phone/text: (306) 230-7697

Email: junkin.sarah@gmail.com

Payment can be sent by e-transfer to junkin.sarah@gmail.com or brought with you to the session; Please contact Sarah if dropping in to ensure there is space to accommodate you.

Lesley Sutherland Classes

Lesley’s classes include gentle yoga postures using props, restorative practices, (deep relaxation) mindful movement, and breathing exercises. Students of all ages, sizes and abilities are welcome, even those who cannot get on the floor. You will leave classes feeling relaxed and energized, with tools to begin a home practice.

Classes are designed for adults aging gracefully and are adaptive for individual needs focusing on safety and body awareness. Breathe, Rest, Grow! “My hope is that you will leave class feeling relaxed, energized and with a light heart”

All Classes are held in-person at Queen Street Health Collective (McFarland House), 716 Queen Street corner of Queen and 8th Avenue in City Park. Please use 8th Avenue entrance. Doors will open 15 minutes before start of class.

 Gentle Yoga

These nurturing classes include gentle yoga postures using props, restorative (deep relaxation) practices, mindful movement, and breathing exercises. Students of all sizes and abilities are welcome. You will leave classes feeling relaxed and energized, with tools to begin a home practice.

Wednesdays 5:30 to 7pm
Twelve-90 minute classes for $258
April 12 – June 14, 2023


Saturdays 10 to 11:30am
Twelve – 90 minute classes for $258
April 15 – June 17, 2023

50+ Yoga

These classes will benefit the mature student at any level of physical health and fitness. This gentle yoga class will include centering, warm-ups, mindful movement, yoga postures, breath work, relaxation and mediation in a safe and joyful space.

Fridays 10 to 11:30am
Twelve – 90 minute classes for $258
April 14 – June 16, 2023

Register for Classes with Lesley

Phone/text: (306) 371-5917

Email: lesleysutherland.yoga@gmail.com

Your registration is confirmed with payment and all fees can be made payable to Lesley Sutherland via e-transfer at lesleysutherland.yoga@gmail.com or Cheque.

Pam Fichtner Classes

Healthy Yoga with Pam

This one hour class includes poses that promote breast health, lymphatic drainage, pranayama breathing and more! The classes include poses that embrace your full body, yet keep in mind the circulatory flow around the breasts or chest scar areas, whether you have had breast cancer or not. We’ll explore a variety of areas and systems in your body, such as lymphatic yoga,  chest openers, and movements with your neck, shoulders, arms, and hands with the support of your lower body. Props such as blocks, belts, and bolsters, are encouraged to be used, along with any other modifications needed – changing the pose, minimal repetitions, or using a chair if needed. Come try it out – you’ll benefit from it!

Read the testimonals on the website to explore the perspectives of other students.

All Classes are held in-person at Queen Street Health Collective (McFarland House), 716 Queen Street corner of Queen and 8th Avenue in City Park. Please use 8th Avenue entrance. Doors will open 15 minutes before start of class.

Register for Classes with Pam

Phone/text: (306) 230-7407

Email: sephira@sasktel.net

Your registration is confirmed with payment and all fees can be made payable to Pam Fichtner via e-transfer at sephira@sasktel.net or Cheque.