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Queen St Health Collective is a collaborative centre where practitioners offer their services in a beautiful, centrally-located historic building. 

This high-vibrational, soulful, yet professional building serves communities of people who seek to learn and grow in mind and body. We support whole person health.

It features 6 offices; a reception/waiting area with a studio space for yoga, meditation or art classes.

The Health Collective began in 2022 as a way to help people connect, through a variety of healing modalities, with their inner wisdom to access deep and powerful healing energy.

Rooms on the main and second floors are used by counsellors, and hands-on practices while the lower level provides space for meditation yoga, and art or writing classes. 

Accessibility – as a heritage building, this facility is not wheelchair accessible. For those with limited mobility, the West entry with only 8 stairs can be used for studio access.

Parking – No on-site parking is available for clients or students. Street parking is available for two hours at a time until 5 pm. No parking restrictions exist after 5 pm.

Security – Neither teachers, practitioners nor management assume responsibility for lost or stolen items. Lockers are available on the second floor for practitioners’ personal items.

Fire Protection – annual building inspections occur and a fire extinguisher is available on each floor. The building is up to code and additional fire-retardant insulation has been placed in the walls and ceiling as both a fire-retardant and noise barrier.

Love the Space!!

“I was introduced to the QSHC just this spring. I pulled up in front of an unassuming building and wondered if I was in the right place for my yoga class. I descended the spiral staircase and entered a gorgeous intimate space. Rich earthy tones with great light. A perfect oasis for yoga. A hidden treasure in City Park!”